we will talk about three major points

1- Performance

performance is one of the main parameters to make the decision, with hybrid mobile apps performing more poorly than native mobile apps. By performance, I mean 2D mobile apps only and not 3D apps that require a 3D engine.

You always want your mobile app UI to remain fluid, even during heavy data processing to provide a smooth user experience. Because mobile processors are multithreaded, you want your mobile app UI logic to run on a different thread where the data processing is taking place. While you write a bad code the application…

try to do the following

  • Decreasing app launch time improves the user experience, and reduces the chances of the iOS watchdog timer terminating the app.
  • Decreasing overall memory use reduces the likelihood of iOS freeing your app’s memory in the background and improves responsiveness when a user switches back to your app.
  • Reducing disk writes speeds up your app’s overall performance, makes it more responsive, and reduces wear on users’ device storage.
  • Decreasing hang rate and hang duration improves your users’ perception of your app’s performance and responsiveness.
  • Reducing battery consumption and the use of power-hungry device features makes your app more reliable and helps…

🌎 Network related libraries

Connecting to…

Hello developers if you are confused about using MVC, MVP and MVVM then you will need to check this article

Design patterns are used widely in developing manageable, testable, reusable and optimized software. Generally, it helps in modularizing the software such that each component is separate and handles a single responsibility. iOS boasts of three popular design patterns: MVC, MVP and MVVM.

The general challenge of choosing the right architectural design pattern is more about your team size, maintainability, testability to name a few. From bad testability of the app to increased time to market, choosing the wrong architectural design…


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